Best Medical Transcription Companies

Medical transcription is an innovation put into use by hospitals. It is deemed a helpful technological advancement and will soon replace older more traditional methods. It provides people with an easy way to accurately transcribe information.

How to Be Successful in This Business

Medical transcription is not like other businesses. All top medical transcription companies are reliable and take their jobs very seriously. They make no room for major mistakes and are focused mostly on customer satisfaction. Here are some of the best companies in the field:


MedScribe has been around for a while. They are affordable, diligent, and accurate. They do not charge set up fees and do not require a set long-term contract in order to do business with you. They are widely deemed as reliable and secure. They also offer a variety of delivery options to suit each customer.

Mercedes Transcription

This company has a focus on individual clients. They are very customer-oriented and offer the best prices. They can hold a candle to bigger companies because their service is impeccable. Their medical dictation software is state of the art technology. They are a US-based company which is revered for their customer service, reliability, and efficiency.


This company is very thorough and detail-oriented. It offers services to medium and large hospitals and clinics. Acusis will require a contract beforehand. They are a good option if you feel like starting a long-term business relationship at this point. They are believed to be very safe and offer good service.

How Does it Work

Companies have different methods of going about this. Some companies deliver the transcription to you while others use electronic medical records to upload the information. The main focus of each company is to note the information correctly and completely. If it is not done in such a manner the transcription is more or less pointless.

The best way to assess whether a company is doing their job correctly is to check their customer service reviews. If the clients are satisfied then the company has to be doing well. This is especially true of this type of business which is meticulous and detailed. If the information is not correct and on time the customer will not be pleased.

What Makes a Great Company

In this field, great companies are made through their investment in high-quality work. First of all, they have to have a team of experts and professionals. Secondly, they have to have advanced technology in order to keep up with the needs of their customers. They need to be fast and efficient while being precise. There are three main factors which make a company great:

Customer Service

All of the customers have to be pleased with the way the company does their business. After all, their job involves health, therefore, cannot be taken lightly.

Turnaround Time

This is the period between dictation and delivery of the finished product. This should be done to completion in the shortest period of time without mistakes.


Every company needs to be up to date in this business. If you miss out on a technological advancement you will simply fall behind in business.