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We at Benelab take transparency really seriously. That's why we are showing you every single donation we make, for ever. Even if the world collapses, you can count on us to post every donation up on this page.
September & October - Hold on tight!
September and October donation checks are coming real soon! We are currently awaiting payment from Yahoo. We'll update this page with checks as soon as we receive payment!

(Benelab Offline) HYDRAVE [$900.00]
Hydrave Check
Every year, King's HS in Seattle, WA hosts a Spring informal dance in April for its students. This year, Benelab partnered with King's Student Government to host a charitable dance, raising money to drill a freshwater well through sister organization World Concern! Although King's is a small private school with a small student population, we were able to raise $900 in 2 hours! For more info, read this blog post.

July/August 2012 - World Concern [$400.00]
July/August Check
We donated a total of $400 to one of our favorite organizations, World Concern, to provide 8 children with full school tuitions for a year! Our funds will go directly towards paying teacher salaries, as well as school supplies.

June 2012 - Changes for New Hope [$360.00]
June Check
We donated $360 to Changes for New Hope to provide 18 hand-cranked LED lamps to children without electricity in Peru. These lamps will allow students to do their homework even when it gets dark!

May 2012 - Ronald McDonald House of Washington [$330.00]
May Check
We donated $330 to the Ronald Mcdonald House of Washington to help provide a "home away from home" for young caner patients and their families. Our donation will go towards purchasing much needed supplies, etc!

April 2012 - World Concern [$340.00]

We donated $340 to World Concern to provide 4 hearing aids to hearing impaired children in developing countries. This amount was raised from both March and April!

March 2012 - World Concern [extended]
We have decided to extend March's cause and goal into April! Read all about it here.

February 2012 - Vittana [$210.00]

This was our fourth donation, and we decided to continue raising funds to provide educational microloans to students who want to go to college. We raised $210, and we'll be donating it to Vittana. Next month, we're shooting for $400 to another charity!

(Benelab Offline) BeneDRIVE [788 cans, ~$800]

This was our first Offline work, a next-level canned food drive at King's HS (our school)! In one week, we raised 788 cans, all 850 pounds of food, in a school with only 600 students. All of it was donated to Food Lifeline, a hunger relief organization. More details here.

January 2012 - Vittana [$130.35]

Our third donation so far! The $130 we raised will go towards providing educational microloans to students who want to go to college. The search query numbers are steadily climbing!

December 2011 - Pilgrim Africa [$80.00]

This was our second monthly donation since launch, and it's almost double the month before! We're continuing to grow, and so are our donation amounts. The more users the more we'll able to give!

November 2011 - Charity:Water [$46.53]

This was our very first check from the first month of our website going live to the public. It's not a million dollars, but it's still amazing that it was all generated purely from website use.

Keep an eye out for the next one!
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