how it works

How does Benelab work? Here, we'll let this diagram do the talking.

So there you go! The 3 simple steps behind Benelab. Here's an elaborate, detailed version of how it works:

Benelab generates income like any other search engine, like Google or Yahoo - advertisers pay us money to display their advertisements on our website every time someone uses our search engine. At Benelab, however, all that income goes towards good instead of our own pockets. It's as simple as that - we found an everyday task, web search, which just happens to be one of the biggest markets on the internet, and decided to turn it into good use. We all do it anyways, so why not do it and do good at the same time?

Every month, we choose a cause that we think is really cool and set a goal, whether it be providing goats to feed entire families in Bangladesh or sending hearing aids to impaired students in Vietnam. Whatever we do, we will always update you on what is going on and show you every check and online donation we make to charities, since it is you, the user, that makes everything happen. Check our blog or sign up to our newsletter for our updates!

The purpose and vision of Benelab is to translate an everyday task such as searching the web into meaningful contributions. Join us today and make every search count!

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