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Benelab focuses heavily on press coverage. Our goal is to get featured in
5 national publications before December 2012. Here's what we have so far.

The Social-E Six: Jack Kim, Founder and CEO of Benelab
Be A Social Entrepreneur 9/14/12
Six questions with Jack Kim, Founder and CEO of Benelab. Benelab is a next-level nonprofit corporation; a start-up based in Seattle, WA. Their vision is to help the world, one web search at a time.

How Jack Kim Built Benelab, The Search Engine For Good [Interview]
Teen Business Forum 8/8/12
Jack Kim founded Benelab, a search engine that donates 100% of the revenue to charity. I read about him from a Mashable article and thought he would have great lessons and tips for anyone starting a business.

(Guest Post by Benelab's CEO) Be a Boss, Literally.
The Huffington Post 8/1/12
What's it like to be your own boss? Do you choose when and how long to work? Is it just the greatest thing ever? Well, I'll tell you: It's extremely exciting and fun but at times extremely stressful...

NerdWallet’s Top 5 Tech Nonprofits
NerdWallet 7/30/12
We tend to have a soft spot for tech nerds here at NerdWallet, and today we are saluting some great and innovative tech-based nonprofits that put their technology skills towards serving the people.

Com'è buona questa app
L'Espresso 7/19/12
Lo scopo di Benelab non è essere il miglior motore di ricerca al mondo... (We can't figure out what it says about us..)

Jack Kim Is 17-years-old And Out To Save The World With Benelab
Killer Startups 7/12/12
I love startups with an altruistic heart, companies that put purpose on par if not above profit. By any magnanimous measure, Benelab has a true heart of gold.

Power of Search
India Today 6/12
Benelab is a search engine with good intentions - 100 percent of its revenue in web searches is donated to charity. (Special thanks to our fan Vilas Pavithran for finding it!)

Benelab: Saving the world, one search at a time
Neowin 6/16/12
The whole idea of making something out of nothing and doing good with it may sound like a crazy idea, yet the internet and modern technology have actually made it possible.

Chat With Jack Kim “CEO of Benelab”
Socialbrat 6/11/12
Jack and Benelab have proved age doesn’t matter. What matters is your inner desire to make something unique and your zeal to go beyond any limits or achieving that.

The Search Engine Benelab And Its Teenage Entrepreneur
MediaPost News 6/4/12
The non-profit search engine Benelab, founded by Seattle teenager Jack Kim, donates 100% of revenue to charity.

Teen Entrepreneur’s Search Engine Is Built for a Higher Purpose
Yahoo News 6/1/12
Republished through Mashable.

Teen Entrepreneur’s Search Engine Is Built for a Higher Purpose
Mashable 6/1/12
By transforming an everyday task — web search — into a vehicle for good, Kim and his team of fellow students are proving that Internet technology and a little scrappiness can empower anyone to become an entrepreneur and make a difference.

Benelab - Search And Rescue, A Non Profit Charity Search Engine Started By Teenagers
Tiger Startups 5/29/12
With Benelab, the power of search can help people in need. Founded by Jack Kim, a current high school junior, Benelab is a nonprofit search engine that makes money off search targeted advertisements...

Korean American teen gets online web searches to do offline lifesaving
NW Asian Weekly 2/9/12
Jack Kim, 16, has done a similar pairing, but with a unique twist. He started, which he calls a “nonprofit web start-up.”

Charity Toolbox: 100+ Nonprofit-Specific Tech Tools
DailyTekk 2/9/12
Since neither scenario offered me an easy-to-bookmark motherlode/jackpot scenario that fulfilled my craving for nonprofit-specific tech tools, I set out to create a useful list of my own.

Jack Kim, 16-year-old Founder & CEO of 1/31/12
Jack Kim is a 16-year-old Founder & CEO of Benelab, a non-profit internet startup he started in high school that has potential of saving people’s lives.

Teen entrepreneurs get altruistic with charity search engine
TechFlash 1/10/12
I recently had the opportunity to interview several Shoreline, Wash.-based high school students about a fundraising search engine that they pulled off in a few months with negligible adult assistance – beyond $1,500 in startup support from friends and family.

Easy 'microgiving' clicks with consumers
Puget Sound Business Journal 1/6/12
It’s getting easier to give back. The emergence of charitable search engines and other online “microgiving” options makes it simple for users to get the feel-good satisfaction of supporting charities at little or no cost.

Amazing Kids! of the Month – January 2012 – Benelab Founder & CEO Jack Kim
Amazing Kids! Magazine 1/4/12
We spend on average 32 hours online every week. What if we could channel all our online browsing into a way to help others? Benelab, a search engine created by Jack and his team, donates it’s revenue each month to a different charity.

Local High School Entrepreneurs Make a Difference
Edmonds Beacon 12/22/11
A group of Kings School students is planning on making a big difference in the world, but they need just a little effort from others to make it work.

Startup Spotlight: 16-year-old Internet entrepreneur juggles school and startup life at Benelab
GeekWire 12/16/11
Jack Kim spends his days as a student at King’s High School in Shoreline, taking advanced placement courses in hopes of one day attending Stanford University.

Student-Run Search Engine Benefits Charity
Shoreline-LakeForestPark Patch 12/7/11
Budding Web entrepreneur and CEO Jack Kim, a junior at King’s High School in Shoreline, dreams of going to Stanford and owning his own Silicon Valley company someday.

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